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Reference Number OE0113
Title 4Crew Director14
Location(s) London
Closing Date 14/07/2015

4Talent is hiring!

We are searching for four multi-talented content-creators to become our next 4Crew, an exciting new production crew who we will commission to make short films and creative content for 4Talent.  We are recruiting an emerging Director, Production Manager, Presenter and Social Media Manager to work together as a crew to work on commissions from 4Talent and Channel 4, offering you the opportunity to gain paid experience as a member of a working production crew, plus access to unique training and development opportunities through Channel 4.

Opportunities include;
• Paid commissions to create short films to showcase our ‘C4 Pop Up Days’ at locations across the UK
• Paid commissions of other Channel 4 events and projects as required
• Access to free training opportunities to support your media career development through Channel 4
• Invitations to industry and networking events 
• A Channel 4 mentor to offer advice and support in your chosen career path
• A profile on the 4Talent website

4Crew Director
As the 4Crew Director you will be the driving creative force, shooting exciting short films to document the 4Talent and Channel 4 events. You will be a storyteller, with an understanding of narrative arc, pace and structure. You will be a team leader and work collaboratively with the rest of the Crew to bring the 4Talent films together. You will be responsible for leading the team and developing a vision for the finished film. You will manage all visual technical aspects of filming, including the camera, lighting, design and editing. You will also be responsible for managing the post production process.

To apply for this role you should have a solid understanding of the film-making process, be an experienced self-shooter and editor with good team working skills. You do not need to be based in London to take up this opportunity, as activity will be UK wide.

All paid work offered through 4Crew is on a freelance basis and you will be required to pay your own tax and NI contributions through self-assessment. We will provide necessary training if required.

The assessment day for this post will be held on Monday 27th July, so please keep this date free.


Event Date Event Title
01/09/2015 4Crew Director